About Beechwood

Left: Steven Dubb, Right: Michael Dubb

Established in 1985, Beechwood has built more than 7,000 homes in 60 communities across the New York metro area with new sites in development.

Founder and CEO Michael Dubb is renowned for his innovative and forward thinking in “not just selling a home, but a lifestyle” with signature quality construction and design for the way sophisticated buyers want to live and entertain today.

Beechwood takes pride in enhancing the quality of life for each of its home buyers and residents, in new homes that range from affordable to the most luxurious, whether it’s to help give young families a start or to keep empty nesters and seniors close to family and friends in the neighborhoods they lived for most of their lives.

Beechwood holds dear its commitment to thoughtful land planning and design, repurposing underutilized land, building in harmony with nature and creating a benefit for the local community.